I See

Simon Helbling

director, storyteller

Short, 5′, 2018

“I See” is selected for the Short to the Point Festival 2018 as finalist in the category “Student Short”. The screening takes place in over 30 Romanian cities.

“I See” is selected for Harkat 16mm Film Festival in Mumbai and will be screened in the category “International Shorts”.

“I See” is selected for Artifact Small Format Film Festival 2019 in Calgary and will be screened in a 16mm print!

Extract from the script: Marc: She didn’t… Paul: Nah. Marc: I see.

Paul is crashing at Marc’s place and overstayed his welcome. Marc, a painter, can’t work with this intrusion in his home. With Marc’s help, Paul tries to get together with his wive – and failes… The story is inspired by Cézanne’s painting “The Stove in the Studio” and about this certain type of male friendship, in which a lot is unspoken, but the friendship nevertheless works.

Actors: Anthony Chrisholm and Tony Hamilton Director: Simon Helbling Script: Simon Helbling Director of Photography: Brianna Ferguson Production Design: Shannon Mahoney Music: Jan Willem de With Costume: Carola Bachmann Helbling 1st AD: Yan Zhan Camera Operator: Guyuan Ma 1st AC: Marcelo Veloz Edit & Sound Design: Simon Helbling

Shot in London, 16mm