I made bread for you

Simon Helbling

director, storyteller

Short, 3′, 2017

Extract from the script:

She tears another piece out of the bread loaf and, without looking, offers it across the table to him (off screen). As he takes it, she looks at him for a second.

She made a bread for him, prepared the table for dinner. Everything is ready. He hasn’t arrived yet. She checks her phone – no messages. Another bread. Checks the phone again. Another bread. Checks the phone again. Another bread. She calls him. Another bread. After a dozen breads, he walks through the door.

Actors: Ludovica Sordi and Robert Youngblood

Director: Simon Helbling

Written by: Simon Helbling

Producer: Robert Youngblood

Director of Photography: Aaron Gove

Camera Operator: Naomi Pacific

Editor: Ludovica Sordi

Shot in London