Music video, 7′, 2020

Sam Howley „Yellow“

„Yellow, for me, evokes summer. The waving corn and rapeseed fields, sunflowers that follow the passage of the source of LIGHT and gorse on the coastal path that leads to the sea. It is the feeling of JOY when everything is so alive and busy. It is also the HONESTY and passion of paintings by Van Gogh, that suggest WARMTH, long days and ecstatic wonder.“ – Samuel Howley

Ada Witczyk – baroque violin
Thomas Allery – harpsichord
Starring: Rebecca Breen, Siobhan Cha Cha & Ed Taylor
Director: Simon Helbling
AD/Producer: Nick Hardisty
DP: Suzzette Ortiz
1st AC: Luke Priadi
2nd AC: Tzuri Baharier
Gaffer: Kaustubh Pote
Spark/Cam Trainee: John Mouratis
Sound: Cameron Hills
Hair & Makeup: Michelle Perkins