Song and Dance

Music Video, 6′, 2021

Song and Dance by Alexander Petshaft for baroque string quartet

“Song and Dance is a composition inspired by my Jewish upbringing. Judaism is filled with songs with beautiful melodies as well as many fast and lively dances. My composition aims to capture both with a lyrical and melodic a section followed by a rhythmic and lively b section and then closes off by revisiting the a section making for an ABA form.” – Alex Petshaft

Catherine Martin – 1st baroque violin
Ada Witczyk – 2nd baroque violin
Rebecca Breen – baroque viola
Norah O’Leary – baroque cello
Director: Simon Helbling
AD/Producer: Nick Hardisty
DP: Hamid Ahmadi
1st AC/Cam Operator: Sahil Kotwani
Gaffer/Cam Operator: Nizah Elias
Spark/Cam Operator: Tom Xu Camera
Trainee: John Mouratis
Spark: Daniela Stephan
Sound: Cameron Hills
Hair & Makeup: Michelle Perkins