Whaley Room. An agent doppelganger research about the fear of oneself and Duchamp.

Simon Helbling

director, storyteller

Play, 2008

Extract from the play:

Like every young man I fall into work, in adventure and pleasure; It seems to me to be all the same, if it is only done with full employment. The morality of performance. It is the aboriginal image, according to which we judge. But the older you get, the more it becomes clear that this apparent excess, this independence and mobility in everything, this sovereignty of the impulsive parts and the partial impulses – both of your own against you and yours against the world – in short, which we have held as a present-man for a power and a distinctive artefact, is essentially nothing but a weakness of the whole against its parts. There is nothing to be done with passion and will. As soon as you want to be completely and in the middle of something, you see yourself again washed to the brim: this is today the experience in all experiences!

Under some special circumstances we explored the question, how to deal with “holes” in the reality. Holes between expectation and fact, between fiction and reality. Holes, who are in front of us as we try to attach ourselves to the empty morality of performance, or the opposite, to fulfill ones dreams, if actors and audience are facing with opposite attitude, if the whole culture tells straight stories but ones expectation of a straight life line gets broken by reality. In a staccato of words, between the wonders of Dublin and works from Marcel Duchamp, between doppelgangers in a closed environment of consume and James Joyce view on art, between a pretend to be fictionality and a pretend to be reality, we tried to overcome the fear of actuality and ourselves.

Cast: Juri Elmer, Yannick Schmuki Director: Simon Helbling Written by: Simon Helbling Music: Frank Franky Ryan Newman House, Dublin