Come bianca luce

Music Video, 7′, 2021

Come biance luce by Massimo De Lillo

“Through the depth of sound and expressive possibilities of the baroque string quartet, Come bianca luce (As white light) evokes the emotions and feelings aroused by the vision of white light and its surprising chromatic variations: from the welcoming, soft and reassuring tone of warm light to the silent, icy and sharp white of cold light. This piece, written for the RŮŽIČKOVÁ Composition Competition, draws inspiration from the reading of some verses of the “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri and is dedicated to the people who are victims of war and terrorism, because white, a symbol of purity, spirituality and eternity, represents our hope for the future and trust in others.”” – Massimo De Lillo

Ada Witczyk & Catherine Martin – baroque violin
Rebecca Breen – baroque viola
Norah O’Leary – baroque cello
Director: Simon Helbling
AD/Producer: Nick Hardisty
DP: Hamid Ahmadi
1st AC/Cam Operator: Sahil Kotwani
Gaffer/Cam Operator: Nizah Elias
Spark/Cam Operator: Tom Xu
Camera Trainee: John Mouratis
Spark: Daniela Stephan
Sound: Cameron Hills
Hair & Makeup: Michelle Perkins