Come bianca luce

Music Video, 7′, 2021 Come biance luce by Massimo De Lillo “Through the depth of sound and expressive possibilities of the baroque string quartet, Come bianca luce (As white light) evokes the emotions and feelings aroused by the vision of white light and its surprising chromatic variations: from the welcoming, soft and reassuring tone of […]

Ostinato in 7

Music Video, 4′, 2020 Ostinato in 7 by Oscar Tysoe “For Ostinato in Seven, I wanted to create a piece with a sense of heroism and overcoming adversity. I wanted to evoke the fighting spirit that we all draw on when facing challenges in our lives. From the very beginning, the fast and frantic nature […]

The Weight of the Land

Short film, 20′, 2019 Director: Simon Helbling Screenplay: Benjamin Paynter, Brianna Ferguson, Simon Helbling Main cast: Barbara Terpoorten, Hans-Caspar Gattiker, Rose Schudel Director of Photography: Hamid Ahmadi Editing: Shannon Mahoney Production Design: Andrea Grimm

Rosary Sonata I – H.I.F. Biber – 82° Degree

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Music, 7′, 2019 Extract from the music sheet: Biber’s “Rosary Sonata I” performed by the baroque duo 82° degree. Musicians: Ada Witczyk and Mark Walkem Director: Simon Helbling Producer: Brianna Ferguson Director of Photography: Xueqi Wang B Camera Operator: Shijie Zhang Gaffer: Naomi Poltier Sound Recordist: Shannon Mahoney Sound Supervisor: Cameron […]

I See

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Short, 5′, 2018 “I See” is selected for the Short to the Point Festival 2018 as finalist in the category “Student Short”. The screening takes place in over 30 Romanian cities. “I See” is selected for Harkat 16mm Film Festival in Mumbai and will be screened in the category “International […]

I made bread for you

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Short, 3′, 2017 Extract from the script: She tears another piece out of the bread loaf and, without looking, offers it across the table to him (off screen). As he takes it, she looks at him for a second. She made a bread for him, prepared the table for dinner. Everything […]


Simon Helbling director, storyteller Short, 10′, 2016 Extract from the script: Hans: “Who I am, this isn’t that easy to answer.” Gaby: “In this case you can do an I.F.V.V.” Hans: “A what again?“ Hans visits the passport office in order to renew his ID card. A silly comment transforms his simple ID renewal into […]

For the sea, which is a shining desert

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Short, 9′, 2016 “For the sea, which is a shining desert” is selected for the Mobile Motion Film Festival 2017 as finalist in the category “Fiction Short”. This unique event took place in Zurich on the 27th and 28th May. AWARD: BEST SWISS FILM 2017 Extract from the script: […]

Paulus. The event

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Play, 2014 Extract from the play: Karloff: We aren’t more enlightened as people have been in the past centuries. We are not more civilized, no, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are more efficient. Why? We gained control over the sweat-class. We tamed them.  For the 125th anniversary of the University of […]

Neuro Séance

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Theater, 2014-15 Extract from the play: Prof. Brugger: It is order, which strikes us, and if there is no order, we invent one. Because we are trained since ancient times to not miss a single sabre-tooth tiger, so we bend the biggest chaos for it to make any sense. Those who […]

Sigi & Rolf

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Webseries, 18 x 5′, 2012 Extract from the play: Sigi: So peaceful. Golfing, it is a calm, a peaceful sport. Very quiet. Senza rumore, right. No wife, no business – nothing. It’s like meditating. Nothing happens. Sigi, branch manager of a mattress trade, and his accountant Rolf are passionate golfers. […]

A New Beginning. Second Function

Simon Helbling director, storyteller music video, 2011 Extract from the lyrics My life was here but now it’s gone Was it right or was it wrong? Once again I walk alone And my doubts fade away The Zurich based Band Second Function have chosen “A New Beginning” for the first single release from their […]

Twisted. Flink

Simon Helbling director, storyteller music video, 2011 Extract from the lyrics Everything’s erratic Look what they’ve done to us Each time we try Each time we come back and fight Cast: Adi Schmid, Hannes Herger, Martin Brabec, Jonathan Winkler, Yannick Schmuki, Noémi Besedes, Jonas Wydler, Julia Wydler, Fabienne Hubmann, Dominik Wyser Directors: Simon Helbling […]

It’s life, stupid!

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Play, 2009 Extract from the script: Official: Does the deceased understand his death as a) victory over the impertinence of life, b) insult towards his medical research particularly and the medical research of the 21th century in general, c) not at all, d) strongest and most meaningful event of his […]

We extend ourselves

Simon Helbling director, storyteller A 168 hours non-stop performance, 2009 Heike M. Goetze, who worked as “Artist in Residence” in the Rote Fabrik, Markus Gerber and me developed a non stop performance about body optimizations. We had our doors open a whole week and talked with scientists, artists and body optimizers. We explored how we […]


Simon Helbling director, storyteller Short, 25′, 2009 Extract from the script: Christoph walks along the alley, deep in thoughts. He turns around the corner and sees her. She stands there, at the other end of the alley. They walk towards each other and stop, as they stand close to each other, both surprised. She […]

Apocalypse. The Theatre

Simon Helbling director, storyteller Play, 2009 Extract from the play: Angelus Novus: No one. No one in heaven, on earth or in the realm of the deaths can see his signs. Now it happens. The hour is here. What a roar afterwards. We’ve put the Revelations of John on stage at the University […]