The Weight of The Land

Short, 19', 2019


Extract from the script: 

Marta: Du brusch e verdammti Wösch. [You need a fucking wash.]

On a farm high in the Swiss mountains, a solitary farmer struggles to maintain her livlihood. Just as the possibility of breaking even appears, a phone-call from her estranged brother asking for her help threatens to send her back into debt. How will she balance her sense of responsibility: financial and moral, business and blood? In spite of her best efforts, the turn of events brings conflict and a crushing confrontation of the past. Will she give in? break free? Or is there another path?

Actors: Barbara Terpoorten, Hans-Caspar Gattiker, Philipp Stengele, Rose Schudel, Meg

Producer: Brianna Ferguson

Director: Simon Helbling

Writer: Benjamin Paynter with Brianna Ferguson and Simon Helbling

Cinematographer: Hamid Ahmadi

Production Design: Andrea Grimm with Yan Zhang

Editor: Shannon Mahoney

Composer: Jan Willem de With

Costume Design: Carola Bachmann Helbling

Makeup Artist: Dunja Schwery

Gaffer: Pierfrancesco Cioffi

Executive Producer: Maisy Kay

Production Consultant: Florian Nussbaumer

Production Manager: Amy Lotherington

Production Coordinator: Jasmin Altahan

Marketing Manager: Christoph Widmer

First Assistant Director: Hope Robinson

Art Director: Adina Graber

First Assistant Camera: Maya Wills

Second Assistant Camera: Stephanie Abou-Jaoude

Spark: Suzzette Ortiz

Spark: Michael Grob

Script Editor: Sophia Wellington

Script Supervisor: Ariane Pochon

Sound Recordist: Nadine Häusler

Boom Operator: Sven Kröni

Location Scout: Adina Graber

Location Scout: Sebastian Gull

Constuction Manager: Jonas Kägi

Animal Wrangler: Andreas Schiess

Stills Photographer: Ariane Pochon

Stills Photographer: Sebastian Gull

Colour Grader: Alex Grigoras

Mix: Pinewood Studios London

Production Assistant: Sina Schwery

Catering: Abood Alahmd

Catering: Tarek Kariish

Catering: Mohammad Altahan

Shot in Toggenburg, Switzerland / Production: UK, Australia / Post-Production: London, UK